Engineering services

service2ENTEH Engineering AS offers its engineering services in the segment of heat engineering and heat power engineering.
Over a period of time, our team has managed to accumulate extensive practical experience in creating projects and their implementation at various facilities. Working with us ensures that you get the most energy-efficient, advanced, and economical solutions.

  • Construction and reconstruction of water-heating and steam boiler houses of low power, modernization of heat supply systems
  • Engineering work related to the introduction of innovative products and technologies at thermal power plants
  • Risk analysis, HAZOP, expertise, consultations, supervision
  • Modernization of heat supply systems
  • Installation, repair, and service work at heat power facilities, testing and adjustment of operating modes of steam and hot water boilers of various capacities on solid, liquid, or gaseous fuels, adjustment of heating networks
  • Works in the field of ecology (drafts of standards for maximum permissible emissions, measurement of emissions, design and construction of emission treatment systems)

Supply of equipment

Boilers and burners,
Heat exchangers,
Valves Instrumentation equipment


ENTEH Engineering AS 10339194
Elektriku 3, 30328
Kohtla-Järve Estonia
GSM +372 506 6323
Office +372 337 3357

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