About Company

ENTEH Engineering AS was founded in 1991 on the basis of the Estonian Branch of Moscow Research & Development Power Engineering Institute (named after G.M. Krzhizhanovsky), which was located on the premises of Kohtla-Jarve Power Plant.

The company specializes in works in the field of heat technology and thermal power engineering; we have available all necessary licenses and permits (from the design engineering to the erecting phase), required equipment and machinery as well as qualified personnel.

Field of activity

Thermal power plants, boiler houses, district heating networks, industrial companies.

ENTEH Engineering AS is involved in:

  • R&D works in the field of heat technology and heat power engineering;
  • Designing of pressurized vessels and pipelines in compliance with PED 97/23; designing of gas supply systems and storage tanks intended for hazardous liquid products;
  • Erection and reconstruction of low-capacity hot-water- and steam boiler houses; modernization of heat supply systems;
  • Engineering works related to introduction of innovative products and technologies at heat power plants;
  • Delivery of state-of-the-art equipment and materials for heat supply- and heat power engineering projects;
  • Erection, repair and maintenance in thermal and power engineering; testing and adjustment of mode of operation for steam- and water-heating boilers of different capacities fired with solid-, liquid- or gaseous fuel; adjustment of district heating networks;
  • Works in the field of environmental protection (projects for the rates of maximum admissible emissions; developing and construction of clean-up systems).

Our customers are both large and relatively small industrial companies in Estonia. Quality work is guaranteed by highly qualified staff with extensive experience in this area, as well as by modern technical equipment of the company.  Our company is ready to cooperate with you in solving problems in the field of  thermal and power engineering technologies.

Supply of equipment

Boilers and burners,
Heat exchangers,
Valves Instrumentation equipment


ENTEH Engineering AS
Reg.nr: 10339194
Elektriku 3, 30328
Kohtla-Järve Estonia
GSM +372 506 6323
Office +372 337 3357
e-mail: info@enteh.ee

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