In this section provided a list of the most significant and sophisticated projects since the company’s foundation.

2022 - KKT OIL - Generaatorgaasi torustiku rekonstrueerimine

2022 - KKT EJ

Kiviõli, Estonia

Reconstruction of the generator gas pipeline

This project was carried out with the aim of replacing physically worn-out gas pipelines and a droplet eliminator and reducing the emission of substances into the atmosphere. The design of the DN800 generator gas pipeline from the exhaust gas pump to the thermal power plant for combustion was completed. To collect the resulting gas condensate on the gas pipeline, a drop catcher (separator) and a collection tank for gas condensate are designed, which is pumped out by pumps to the condensation unit. A technology for switching gas pipelines has been developed.

Supply of equipment

Boilers and burners,
Heat exchangers,
Valves Instrumentation equipment


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