In this section provided a list of the most significant and sophisticated projects since the company’s foundation.

2018 - Industrial tests of the boiler E-135

Industrial tests of the boiler E-135 (VKG Energia OÜ) during burning semi-coke gas with extremely high flue gas recirculation into the blast air. Preparation of an article on this topic.

2018 - VKG OIL AS

VKG Oil AS fuel tanks breathing system design and construction.

2017 - VKG Energia OÜ

Installation and commissioning of six ENTEH-VTI dual-fuel burners with a capacity of 20 MW each on a new boiler E-135 at the Northern Powerplant of VKG Energia OÜ.

VKG Plokk OÜ

Design and construction of heat recovery system for the building block producing plant. Autoclaves vapour exhaust used for feed water pre-heating. Customer – VKG Plokk OÜ.


Manufacturing and supply of six gas burners. Burners are fully equipped with automation, control and adjustment systems. Each burner’s capacity is 20 MW and operate on two types of gas – high calorific gas with LHV= 43-55 MJ/m3 and low calorific gas with LHV= 3,0-3,8 MJ/m3. Planned NOx emissions up to 100 mg/m3 at O2=3%. Customer – BELENERGOMASH (Russia).

2014 VKG Energia OÜ

EPC contract for reconstruction of air pre-warming system andsystem of air distribution into tubular air pre-heater in BKZ-75-39F boiler. Purpose - to eliminate lowtemperature sulphuric corrosion of air heaters’ tubes, while operating on highsulphuric fuel gases of oil shale processing. Implemented on three boilers. Cutomer – VKG Energia OÜ.


Design documentation development and manufacturing of low-NOX 19 MW burners for high-calorific (retort) gas of oil shale processing firing with flue gas recirculation injection into secondary air. Oil shale boiler TP-101 reconstruction for combined firing of oil shale and retort gas. There were additionally installed six gas burners and system of flue gas recirculation. Gas proportion by heat rate – 40% of boiler’s load. ENTEH was responsible for complete design project, supply of gas burners, installation of flue gas recirculation system, commissioning and start-up operations. Customer - EESTI ENERGIA.


Computational, analytical research and development of technology for combined firing of high-calorific (retort) gas of oil shale processing and pulverized oil shale in TP-101 boiler at Estonian powerplant (jointl with JSC „VTI“ and MPEI). Customer - EESTI ENERGIA.


Design and construction of CHP with OPRA gas turbine. Electrical capacity 1800 kW. Heat utilization system’s capacity up to 4500 kW. ENTEH was responsible for all design works (basic and detailed). EPC contractor for gas turbine’s exhaust gas heat utilization part.

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