Top Contracts of the Year in ENTEH's History

In this section provided a list of the most significant and sophisticated projects since the company’s foundation.


  • 1. Reconstruction of boiler ТП-101 at Eesti Power Plant comprising the installation of four light fuel oil start-up burners, 25 MW each (design documentation, supply of mechanical and automation equipment, commissioning)
    5B 5B3
  • 1. Reconstruction of boiler ТП-101 at Eesti Power Plant comprising installation of four Low-NOx pyrolysis gas burners, in-house design by ENTEH, with the capacity of 45 MW each (EPC contract)

    2. Cause analysis of the increased vibration levels of steam turbine К-200-130 (Unit 11) at Balti Power Plant and elaboration of recommendations for problem solving
  • 1. Design, supervision on construction and comissioning of collecting system of semi-coke gas condensate from burners and industrial boilers at Northen Powerplant of VKG Energia OÜvkg 1
    2. Installation of 5MWh startup burner on the fluidized bed boiler at Enefit Green (Paide Powerplant)
    Paide burner
    3. Up fired gas burners for petroleum refinery heaters with horizontal tube coil

    4. Technical and economic feasibility study and preliminary design for the reconstruction of the ash handling system at Balti Power Plant
    1. Reconstruction of heating water supply system from Baltic Powerplant to Narva city
    2. Industrial tests of the  boiler E-135 (VKG Energia OÜ) during burning semi-coke gas with extremely high flue gas recirculation into the blast air. Preparation of an article on this topic. gorenie
    3. VKG Oil AS fuel tanks breathing system design and construction. vkg uptlso
  • Installation and commissioning of six ENTEH-VTI dual-fuel burners with a capacity of 20 MW each on a new boiler E-135 at the Northern Powerplant of VKG Energia OÜ.2
    1. Design and construction of heat recovery system for the building block producing plant. Autoclaves vapour exhaust used for feed water pre-heating. Customer – VKG Plokk OÜ.
    2. Manufacturing and supply of six gas burners. Burners are fully equipped with automation, control and adjustment systems. Each burner’s capacity is 20 MW and operate on two types of gas – high calorific gas with LHV= 43-55 MJ/m3 and low calorific gas with LHV= 3,0-3,8 MJ/m3. Planned NOx emissions up to 100 mg/m3 at O2=3%. Customer – BELENERGOMASH (Russia).
    Screenshot 16
  • 2014

    1. Design documentation development and manufacturing of low-NOX 19 MW burners for high-calorific (retort) gas of oil shale processing firing with flue gas recirculation injection into secondary air. Oil shale boiler TP-101 reconstruction for combined firing of oil shale and retort gas. There were additionally installed six gas burners and system of flue gas recirculation. Gas proportion by heat rate – 40% of boiler’s load. ENTEH was responsible for complete design project, supply of gas burners, installation of flue gas recirculation system, commissioning and start-up operations. Customer - EESTI ENERGIA.
      Screenshot 1 Burner view from furnace 1
    2. EPC contract for reconstruction of air pre-warming system andsystem of air distribution into tubular air pre-heater in BKZ-75-39F boiler. Purpose - to eliminate lowtemperature sulphuric corrosion of air heaters’ tubes, while operating on highsulphuric fuel gases of oil shale processing. Implemented on three boilers. Cutomer – VKG Energia OÜ.
      Screenshot 5


    1. Design and construction of CHP with OPRA gas turbine. Electrical capacity 1800 kW. Heat utilization system’s capacity up to 4500 kW. ENTEH was responsible for all design works (basic and detailed). EPC contractor for gas turbine’s exhaust gas heat utilization part. 
      REPO Sorbes GT CHP s

    2. Computational, analytical research and development of technology for combined firing of high-calorific (retort) gas of oil shale processing and pulverized oil shale in TP-101 boiler at Estonian powerplant (jointl with JSC „VTI“ and MPEI). Customer - EESTI ENERGIA.
    1. Boiler’s E-25 and TS-35 reconstruction design development to increase quantity of oil shale processing gases fired in the boilers (jointly with JSC „VTI“). Design development and installation of 5 MW low-calorific (generator) oil shale processing gas burners configured by ENTEH. Customer – Kivioli Oil Shale Processing Plant
      KKT BURNERS picture1
    2. Design development and istallation of start-up burner, configured by ENTEH, for bubbling fluidized-bed boiler on wood sawdust. Burner capacity 10 MW, fuel – shale oil. Customer - SILLAMÄE Power Plant.
    3. Detailed design documentation development for hot air ducts and heat transfer surfaces in TP-101 boiler’s furnacereconstruction for two-stagepulverized oil shale firing technology implementationin order to reduce NOX (technology and basic design was proposed by FORTUM). Customer - EESTI ENERGOMONTAAZ and FORTUM POWER AND HEAT.
  • 2011

    1. Design and manufacturing of 13 MW burners for high-calorific (retort) gas of oil shale processing. Reconstruction of the oil shale boiler BKZ-75-39F for combined firing of oil shale, retort (high-calorific) gas and generator (low-calorific) gas. Two retort gas burners were additionally installed on BKZ-75-39F boiler. Customer - VKG Energia OÜ.
      Screenshot 2 горелка котел 5 Северной ЭС 
    2. Design documentation development of limestone pulverization and injection system into the TP-101 boiler’s furnace in order to reduce sulphur dioxide emmissions. Customer - EESTI POWER PLANT.
      ЭС1 Picture2

    1. EPC constract for constructionof dry ash handling system for BKZ-75-39FSl boiler. Plant’s solids intake – up to 7 t/h, length of the pneumatic conveyor system – 250 meters, pneumatic chamber pump MACTENN. Consequently, the similar system was installed on another BKZ-75-39FSl boiler. Customer - VKG Energia OÜ.
      золоудаление1 золоудаление2
    2. Design documentation development for 100 m3 oil fuels store. Customer - HORIZON PULP and PAPER
    3. Design documentation development for retort gas pipelins for four gas burners installed on 8th power unit of the Estonian powerplant. Retort gas flow rate 8 000 nm3/h
    4. Calculating analysis of operating mode (heat carrier flow and heat transfer) of Narva town district heating system. Customer - NARVA SOOJUSVORK AS.


    1. Project documentation development for technology of shale oil heavy fractions purification (hard particles removal) based on preliminary dilution with gasoline fractions and subsequent centrifugation. Customer – shale oil production plant, EESTI ENERGIA.
  • 2008

    1. EPC constract for installation of one steam and one hot water boilers of 10 MW at Ahtme Powerplant, each operating on shale oil. Boilers supplied by LOOS and burners by SAACKE. Customer – Ahtme Powerplant.
    2. Project documentation development and assembly works of process piplenes (steam and drains) for three autoclaves, that produce construction bricks Steam pressure 12 bar, each autoclave’s volume - 160 m3, G module in compliance with PED 97/23. Customer – Silbet AS.


    1. Design projects of retort gas, natural gas, steam, feedand heating water process pipelines from Petroter I to Northern and Southern powerplants of VKG Energia. Consequently the same projects were designed for  Petroter 2 and Petroter 3 plants.
    2. Reconstrcution of the natural gas supply system to the burners of three 100MW steam boilers. Development and implementation of their algorithm for automated start-up and operation. Customer -  IRU POWERPLANT.
    3. Test bench installation for pulverized limestone injection into the BKZ-75-39F boiler’s furnace at the VKG Energia powerplant to research sulphur dioxide capturing processes while firing high sulphurous gas of oil shale processing. Own financing.
    4. Installation of flattening screen in K-200-130 turbine’s HP Cylinder for efficiency increase at low load (MPEI patent). Following, the same technology was istalled on two turbines. Customer – ESTONIAN POWERPLANT.


    1. Development of the burneres for combined cofiring of natural gas and wood dust, their consequent installation at four plant’s drying units. Burner’s thermal capacity is 6 MW. Customer – REPO VABRIKUD.
    2. Project documentation development for turbine hall’s heating and ventilation systems’reconstruction.  Customer - BALTI POWER PLANT
  • 2005

    1. Detailed design of thesteam pipe line system for liquid oil products store heating. Customer – PAKTERMINAL AS.
    2. EPC contract for 700 kW HITACHI chiller installation. Customer – Viru Liimid AS.


    1. Design development of 20 MW burners for low calorific gas firing. Gas caloricity – 3,6 MJ/m3, flow rate – up to 20 000 м3/hr. Until 2007 there were manufactured and installed 8 such burners on four boilers, and are still operating. Customer - VKG Energia OÜ.
    2. EPC contract for manufacturing of mobileunit for pumping of liquid products from rail tank cars to the sea vessels. Customer – TANKCHEM.


    1. Turbines T-100-130 and PT-80-130 run testing at IRU powerplant (jointly with JSC „VTI“). Customer – IRU POWERPLANT.
    2. Installation of the lattice frameon the turbine’s K-200-130 exhaust hood at the Estonian Power Plant (MPEI patent). Until 2007 the same project was implemented additionally on five other turbines. Customer – ESTONIAN POWERPLANT.
  • 2002

    1. Reasearch, model development and reconstruction of the heating systems in north-eastern Estonian towns and villages. Customer - EUROPEAN COMMISSION, RESEARCH DIRECTORATE-GENERAL
    2. EPC contract for construction of the 6MW boiler-house, operating on natural gas (boiler supplied by VIESMANN, burner - by WEISHAUPT). Customer – Silbet AS.


    1. EPC contract for a 1000 kW chiller installation (with ammonia heat carrier). Customer – VIRU LIIMID AS.


    1. EPC constract for cooling tower (40 MW thermal load) reconstruction. Customer – Kohtla-Järve Powerplant.
    2. Implementation of the modernized control valves on T-100-130 and PT-80-130 turbines at IRU POWERPLANT (MPEI patent). Customer – IRU POWERPLANT.
  • 1999

    1. Peak boiler’s operating mode calculating analysis and peak boiler re-construction work. Customer – IRU POWER PLANT.


    1. Construction of a fully automated modul boiler-house 1 MW with steam boiler and natural gas burner (EPC contract). Customer – Narva Vesi.


    1. Implementation of the modernized control valves on K-200-130 turbines at the Estonian Power Plant (MPEI patent). Henceforth 18 valves were installed on six turbines of such type. Customer – EESTI POWER PLANT


    1. Heat recovery boiler’soperating mode calculating  analysis at UTT-3000 oil shale processing factory. Customer - EESTI POWER PLANT.


    1. Operating mode adjustment of oil shale pulverized combustion in boilers BKZ-75-39 FSl. Customers - KOHTLA-JÄRVE POWERPLANT (currently VKG Energia) and AHTME POWERPLANT (currently VKG Soojus)