ENTEH Engineering AS is the exclusive representative in Estonia of the following companies:

  1. American companies FIREYE (flame sensors and igniters) and BLACKMER (special pumps for heavy liquids)
  2. European manufacturers - EAGLE BURGMANN (mechanical seals, compensators) and ABEL PUMP (diaphragm pumps for special fluids)
  3. Russian institutes MPEI and VTI performing applied research projects in the field of heat-and-power engineering

ENTEH Engineering AS performs the selection, procurement, installation and service maintenance of high-tech equipment from European companies:

  1. VIESSMANN (steam and hot water boilers)
  2. FBR (burners for gas and liquid fuel)
  3. PIETRO FIORENTINI (gas equipment)
  4. ASCO FILTRI (filters)
  5. AUMA (electric actuators)
  6. TURBOSAN (pumps)
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