The mission of ENTEH Engineering AS is to carry out the following activities:


  • Comprehensive solution of the customers’ problems in the field of power generation and power consumption;
  • Rendering high-quality engineering services;
  • Introduction of the innovation products into the market;
  • Completion and supply of the state-of-the-art equipment produced by the worlds best manufacturers.


The style of our work defines the comprehensive approach to solving our CUSTOMER’s problems, including development of engineering solutions; carrying out design engineering, erection and commissioning works; delivery of high-quality equipment; guarantee maintenance and aftersale servicing. This enables us to meet all CUSTOMER’s requirements to a fuller extent and guarantee the workability and efficiency of the solutions we propose.


The company employs the Quality Management System attested in compliance with Standard ISO 9001. The System was specially developed in application to the range of services proposed by the company– design engineering, erecting, repair and maintenance.


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